Day 115: The Places We Are Found


I lost my place.

I was reading and I could not find the sentence I had just read.

All the words became jumbled and I didn’t know where to start again.

I had lost my place.

While it seems foolish to get lost while holding an electronic reading device in my hands, the truth is I dozed off and became disoriented. What was so uniquely familiar to me, became instantly foreign.

I had a hard time getting back into the groove of the story so I decided to go to sleep and pick up the story later.

I slept for a long time.

When I woke up, I had to read from the beginning all over again. Interestingly enough, the more I read, the less I understood and the more convoluted the story became for me.

Try as I might, electronic device, paperback book or computer screen, I couldn’t find my way back into the details of the plot. The tale for me was simply one long synopsis I had memorized long before.

But still, I was out of sorts with the intricate details of the story. I truly did not think I would find my way back, ever. I almost put the book down for good, and eventually, I did.

After finally giving up, I picked it up again. I read a few pages and I understood the dialogue, the plot and the main points of the story a bit better.

I never found or recognized the page where I had once lost my place, but I did finish the book with a clearer understanding than before.

And while I almost lost my desire to read, I realized that my confusion stemmed from not liking the story. My love of reading surpassed my need for plot interest and eventually I was reading more frequently.

I lost my place a few times again, but I never put the book down again. I also made an effort to fight drowsiness when engaged in the story.

I learned that falling asleep midstream through the plot could lead toward a very long complicated road, one where the end was lost in sight.

And while I could stand to lose my place, I never wanted to find myself (ever again) in a place where I was just lost.


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