Day 124: The Death Of Consideration


Consideration died.

I don’t know the exact time of her demise, but I can report that it was a slow and laborious death.

Symptoms of her inevitable fate surfaced when the little things started to go first:

A call to say you were running late to a dinner party by over an hour, a return phone call after numerous unreturned phone calls, the lie you concocted to get out of a commitment and a simple note (not dropped) via email that you wouldn’t be able to make a scheduled appointment – these were just some of the early warning signs.

Later, as her deterioration continued, we saw how our standard level of expectation was simply not met anymore, we saw how people (good, kindhearted people) were simply taken for granted and she started to only care for herself.

It was this narcissistic behavior that finally did her in, as she poisoned society with her disregard toward her fellow man. Somehow, as her decay continued, she instilled in the newer generations a sort of ‘self-preservation’ gene that allowed them to focus inward and worry solely about themselves. It was through this action that consideration took her last breaths.

At the funeral, were all the culprits and cronies who had either tried to prevent or ultimately had contributed to her departure.

Sitting in the pew at The Church of Judgement were the triplets who had initially contaminated her: Apathy, Conceit and Deceit. Next to them, surprisingly, those who had tried to help throughout, Tolerance, Understanding and Forgiveness. Sitting off to the side, away from everyone else, under a veil of darkness was a solitary character who looked like she was also fighting an illness.

Upon closer inspection, she was recognized immediately.

Through the veil, the disrepair fallen on her was more than visible.

And although she knew that her days were numbered, Thoughtfulness prayed fervently for the world to give her another chance before she too was dead.


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