Day 129: The Gypsy In The SUV


Solomon said it
Split the baby
Since you can’t decide
Who has true custody here
Two parents on opposite ends
That’s what we do
We break the child
(sometimes in half)
(sometimes into a million pieces)
First we divide her time
Traveling from house to house
Like a gypsy in an SUV
Forgetting and losing things
Schoolwork left in the backpack
Is found in poor grades on report cards
It’s inevitable
When children who should have roots
Are treated like potted plants
Let me put you in the sun today
Let me cover you from the rain
Let me keep you from that gardener
You make sure your soil is moist
I can’t do everything for you
Just don’t settle anywhere
Because this too is temporary
Children in transit learn to lose
The ‘E’ from their MOTION
They turn it off
Leaving it somewhere on the battleground of
Sentiments constantly at war
Between what should be parallel worlds
Instead they are incongruous places
But the child has to live in both
Learning all the roads of Deceit
Visiting the towns of Fear and Despair
Finally settling somewhere between the city lines of
Coping and Survival
All the while hiding in the virtual hot spots
We’ve created for them in their alternate universes
Where technology split the atom to further science
Our technology has split the child to further our cause
The keyboard babysitter is the new TV
How do you text a cry for help?
Courts and Government agencies have it wrong
Visible scars should not be the only way
The call to action is taken
A tear in a heart, a mind or a growing soul
Is far more damaging than a burn or scratch on an arm
Especially on an arm where a child is reaching out
To someone who should know better


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