Day 133: The Mother Of All Expectations


How to define disappointment?
Simple definition:
The inability to rise to the occasion
Of a defined expectation
The bigger the expectation
The higher the place from where the let down begins
It’s all relative
As we balance the great moments with the bittersweet
We take what life gives us
But we start to speak up for ourselves
In a world where we can never be number one
In a place where the crowd is so clearly defined
We still don’t settle for last
Somewhere in between is our place
The position is usually on the side
Safe, secure, there, steady, expected
But surely it is nowhere near the bottom
Even if that is how we are inadvertently made to feel
Because we now start to believe that we’ve set an unrealistic expectation
But it is a mother of a feat
To insert ourselves into such a defined place
Where biology did not give us a number in this line
Because ultimately we cannot help but be
And to learn how not to feel disappointment
That is the mother of all expectations


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