Day 135: What A Difference A Day Makes – A Soliloquy


In the almost summer of my discontent I pause

To take stock in all that moves and ails me

Life is balanced from my vantage point

Pressures of the day color the rippled outlook

In shades of gray for today

In hues pulled from the rainbow for tomorrow

The sepia memory of an almost forgotten weekend

Hangs in the chad pressed between my life book pages

So many of these beloved rays of light shine

In the journals of my adventures

Sometimes mundane and sometimes of the most awesome kind

A life lived is best remembered when documented generously

As the marching forward calendar sweeps stolen days under the rug

Always looking for humor in the moments that beg for levity

Always searching for seriousness in the times that break routine

Conformity paves its way into the repetition of what we know

Oh! How cowardly the reason that pushes spontaneity from the norm

We daydream the mission in our heart and yet

We are creatures of habit who manifest the end result

Before the disposition of the equation

We factor the numbers and apply all of the theorems

Providing a solution to the proof by merging the simple facts

That define the stance we take as we orchestrate living

Always showing our work to support the result

Our posterior covered by the imaginary perpendicular umbrella called defense

We don’t think we can take it

While we worry if MacArthur Park will stop from melting in the rain

Or if our missing the beat means we’ve chosen not to turn it around anymore

To face the music and let it play

We are deeply carried away

And in the almost summer of my discontent

In the hours that define my existence

I revere the one day

Where all the moments, colors, lights and notes come together

In the most amazing and beautiful of ways

To make a difference


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