Day 137: Corporate Power Play


I’m a worker who has reached that pivotal middle age bracket where I’m nowhere near retirement, but I am no spring chicken.

I never established my own business where I could support myself through the fruits of my labor.

My side writing career has allowed me to receive royalty income, but it has never provided enough to allow me to push my day job to the side.

Hence, I work for someone else.

I am a member of Corporate America.

I have lived through right-sizing, down-sizing and reinventing the corporation.

I have contributed to efficiency programs, supported process improvement initiatives and hung the poster for six-sigma.

I have centralized and decentralized work.

I have engaged resources, motivated colleagues and drank and served the Kool-Aid by the gallons.

I have led by example, I have worked hard, i have worked smart and I have worked diligently.

I have read trade journals, industry magazines and taken one too many continuing education courses.

I have pursued designations, completed competency assessments and reviewed my strengths and weaknesses quarterly.

I have monitored key performance indicators, measured timeliness, evaluated responsiveness and have always tried to execute flawlessly.

I have viewed things from my vantage point, seen things through my consultant lens and taken many a conversation offline and on to conference calls.

I’ve facilitated and delivered training, I’ve received instruction and I’ve completed many an evaluation sheet.

I have learned every corporate buzz word and I have mastered the language of diplomacy and decorum.

Today, on this lovely Friday evening, after yet another grueling but fulfilling work week, I am left spent and with a very limited vocabulary.

As I close my eyes and let the dust of the day settle off of my stress points, I repeat one word in my head.

Over and over again, I say…



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