Day 138: A Breath Of Fresh Life


Speak up and out.

Don’t keep it in because internal turmoil creates stress and stress creates cancer.

Share what you feel and if you don’t like something being done to you, say it, show it, feel it.

Allow yourself to experience the good, the bad and the somewhat not too pretty, because life is about balance with moments of abundance that can swing in either direction.

I consider these posts the equivalent of songs written to capture a moment and preserve it in time for my posterity. Deep thoughts and reactions to the negative do not pave my trail, but I’m not afraid to look ugly in the face and challenge her to a duel of wits.

This morning I awoke with a clarity of thought not very present during our recent bouts with pollen. It was almost as if being able to breathe deeply, allowed my brain to erase the fog before me and appreciate the very moment I was living.

I enjoy those surges of life that remind me this existence is a precious gift we are given daily and we need to bathe in the light of its appreciation.

Good, bad and perhaps somewhat not too pretty, but this life is all mine and I own every minute of it.

Thank God for small blessings where you are given one defining breath of fresh life.


One thought on “Day 138: A Breath Of Fresh Life

  1. Love this post…focus on the good and ignore the bad and ugly. Life is beautiful and we must concentrate on the things that are important and make us happy, because, unfortunately, it is short. 😉

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