Day 145: Live The Moment


One moment changes everything.

That moment propels a series of events that alters the course in which you live your life.

One moment can provide clarity to what will one day be a memory, adding perspective and depth to that which you experience in this human condition.

Moments can be painful and sad and consuming and so overwhelmingly tragic that you pause to catch your breath as you cry from despair.

Moments can provide nostalgia, transporting you to a plane of consciousness in your yesteryear where contentment resides.

Moments can be lessons you are meant to learn as you evolve as a person.

Moments often times are liberating as you get closer to understanding your role in this life.

Moments can be scary, coming at you in successive episodes of apprehension and fear.

Moments capture the beginning and end of life, never announcing their arrival until they are here.

Moments can be stolen, as you become disrespectful of someone’s time or insert yourself in someone’s life.

Moments are fleeting and quick, robbing days of their peace, absconding nights of their slumber and dropping the free from care in you.

But moments are also wonderful, transforming your life in ways unimaginable: finding a life partner, making a true friend or becoming a parent.

Moments pieced together define the formidable, unrehearsed, one-performance-only life you have been given.

And because a moment is but a speck in time, merely seconds on the timepiece, the combination of many of these can be considered all too brief as well.

So live the moment.

Savor it. Feel it. Experience it.

Live the moments well, for at their collective end your final moment will simply be the accomplishment of a life well lived.


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