Day 147: The Most Appropriate Inappropriate Behavior


I nurture with humor.

I make inappropriate remarks in the face of tragedy and I have been known to tell many an ill patient to laugh in the middle of their malady.

Despair erases boundaries for me because it is in these fragile moments that we need to tap into all within us that dispels the bad and invites good to the party.

Bad things don’t happen to us because we are bad people. Bad things merely happen and it is the luck of the draw that bestows misfortune on one and not another.

We don’t choose our fate, but we can manifest how we will react to it and how much positivity we are going to send out as a counteracting force to challenges given us.

I didn’t ask to lose my father at the age of nine, nor did my mother-in-law select succumbing to cancer in her early fifties, nor did a friend of mine choose to argue with what was a supposed brain tumor named Harry, nor did a family member decide she needed to battle MS. These things happened and as the affected parties we had have to endure and move on.

Life is full of surprises and much like Gump’s box of chocolates, ‘you don’t always know what you are gonna get.’ So you sample the fare and hope that something along the way will suit your taste buds. Here’s a very powerful given: not everything will be palatable and some things will be bitter, harsh and just plain awful.

It cannot be helped for that luck of the draw has very equitable odds and we are all due for some rain, sleet and snow in between our sunny days. Some of us, unfortunately, more than others.

So I laugh and make inappropriate jokes to remind you of your humanity and of the wit given us to be able to cross through the bridge of sadness. It is perhaps one of my greatest traits or perhaps my greatest flaw.

And despite this huge potential flaw in my personality, I also pray, hoping that God, the Universe or the Guardians of Fate will bring back my dad, will erase my mother-in-law’s cancer, will eradicate Harry from my friend’s life or will find a cure for MS. And while these things may not happen despite my prayers, laughter amid a garden of woes will nurture the spirit and provide solace in the blossoms of hope.

Today, if you or someone you love is ailing, I wish for this inappropriate laughter to pervade your soul and give you comfort in those times where the burden becomes much too heavy.

I’m not being unrealistic.

On the contrary, I am being totally inappropriate in the most nurturing and appropriate of ways.


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