Day 152: Not First


Nobody wants to be second, until they are.
Who says first is always better?
First is sometimes a result of haste.
First, after all the fanfare, may leave you feeling like you are in last place anyway.
Second comes with the experience of loss.
Second also comes with the disappointment of missing out on that coveted primary spot.
But the limelight of first is not what it always sets out to be.
With first come the trials of blazing trails, setting examples and breaking records.
Second is by far a more relaxed place to reside.
Second is free from the pressure of the limelight.
Second is a little worn and a tad more familiar to the lay person.
We can’t all be overachievers.
Superiority does not necessarily coexist with first,
Nor does it not partner with second.
Achievement is sometimes merely an alignment of circumstances.
The stars collide to create the perfect storm of accomplishment for one and not for the other.
Hence, second is born.
And with second, third; and with third, fourth, etc.
We are a society where placement, scale, curve and rank are important.
We measure success by hierarchy and order, recognizing the few at the top, discounting the middle and rarely looking at the bottom (if only to find where we don’t want to be).
Then we look to the top again and count down…
First always shines.
Second, not so much.
You came this close.
You almost made it.
You could have been…but we’re not first.
And that is what second (relaxed place and all) is…
Not first.


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