Day 158: She Kan Sass


I don’t like meeting new people.

I’m old enough where I have made all the friends I want to make and set in my ways enough that I know my opinion will not change.

Last night I had to make an exception.

One of my Georgia cousins (#147) was bringing his new love to Florida and he wanted us to meet her (No, this is not a rehash of last Sunday’s post – different kid).

I agreed because that meant we would share a meal and these days eating out during our perpetual diet week is always a treat.

The new love is from Kansas, born and bred.

Of course all The Wizard of Oz references come to mind and of course you know I will use them all – just because I can.

She’s late (something about a plane not landing on time – do the airlines know that she is going to meet me?) and Yvonne and I are sitting at a free happy hour consuming club soda (woe to me in the days of Martini abstinence).

She’s still late and we’ve been getting periodic updates from #147. The weather outside is horrible so I understand the delay. I keep looking up to the sky wondering if a house might fall on me at any second.

Seventeen club sodas later, my full heart and bladder finally meet the jetsetter from Topeka.

We exchange hellos and hugs and we head off to dinner (I don’t normally eat this late anymore). Cocktails, appetizers and entrees, oh my!

I pull out a questionnaire I’ve compiled – don’t want to make the moment awkward – so I dive in head first.

I rattle my questions, she answers never missing a beat, she keeps up with my banter and we laugh.

Yvonne and #147 have decided they should move to the bar since someone I have now dubbed NBSS and I have become best friends.

She passes the test. She’s witty and sassy and charming. She’s real and normal and #147 has this grin on his face that I have not seen on any munchkin’s visage since Glinda came down from the sky in the bubble.

After what feels like minutes, but is truly hours later, we’ve enjoyed a meal, I gave in to a Martini and we’ve welcomed a new member to our family.

With pending nuptials, the merging of two homes and a collective six children in tow, the cyclone of activity coming their way is massive.

They’ve battened down the hatches, embraced their reality and are prepared for what is coming their way.

Along their journey, on this oddly bricked road, no doubt they will encounter challenges (Marriage, moving and children, oh my!). But they are ready.

Soon they will be living their technicolor dream that has been long overdue.

There’s no place like a succulent, second chance that finally takes you home.


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