Day 163: Maybe This Time


I don’t weigh over 300 pounds anymore.

The scale told me so this morning. And while water weight gain and the stresses of life may change that number tomorrow, today I’m going to celebrate this tiny accomplishment.

It’s not the first time I break that barrier, but this time feels good because I’ve had to work harder than ever to do it. People who have weight issues don’t like being heavy and our ability to conquer diets and the ongoing commitment to a healthier lifestyles can be a struggle.

The problem exists not within the realm of our appetite, but rather in the chemistry in our brain. We are wired to have this love affair with food, similar to how other addicts seek drugs. Food, however, is more socially acceptable and therefore often times more dangerous.

But today I don’t weigh over 300 pounds anymore and I’m good with that realization.

Today I know it will be easier to stay on track because I’ve seen a tangible result.

Today, the cravings that live in my mind will not peek out the door within the hotel of crazy that is open for business in my head. These desires for that which can deter me from the accomplishment of weight loss will be absent from view.

Tomorrow will be a different story. Tomorrow the number on the scale may creep up (note to self: weigh yourself next week) or the temptations of life may put a morsel of restricted food in my path. It is up to me to be strong.

It is up to me to continue.

And it is up to me to celebrate two-hundred plus-plus-plus-plus size me and see this through its logical conclusion. I am not fodder for TV – you will not see me crying over how food has filled a void in my life and my ‘problem’ has been fixed.

I will be lighter. I will try. And I will lose as much weight as I am meant to lose…

…this time.


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