Day 164: The Realm Of Im


Hope floats.

Hope springs.

Hope grows.

Hope, that distant cousin to faith and prayer, can pretty much do anything it wants.

The only thing it cannot do is become lost.

Once hope is lost, then possibility joins the ‘realm of im’ and that is clearly acceptable only in the ‘realm of un’.

Hope is not something to be found, hope merely is.

Circumstances can diminish the glimmer of hope, but only we can control its volume, for hope can resonate in the darkest of places as its power is infectious.

As long as hands can be held and messages can be spoken, then the audacity of its presence can be summoned to deliver a command performance – hope will prevail.

Hope will endure when all that which is around us will not, for we are wired as human beings to see the silver lining, to know that in the storm there will be calm and to know that for every closed door, somewhere there is an open window.

So embrace hope, keep it with you and don’t ever think it has become lost.

Even when you cannot feel it, hope is waiting in the wings.

Give it the spotlight.

Let it take center stage.

Let hope float, spring, grow and even dance if that should be its pleasure.

For with hope in our midst, nothing is possible ‘in the realm of im’.


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