Day 181: Where Do I Begin?


Where do I begin to tell the story of a twenty-plus-old girl who changed my life?

Should I start by saying that she was kind, beautiful and smart?

Should I say that she loved Spanish music, good food, television and me?

Perhaps I should enlighten you all with her powers over words, for she helped me spell F-O-U-N-D with the letters in L-O-S-T.

Or I should go on to say that she became the conductor of my orchestra, for the music in my life was never more melodious than after she joined my life.

And join my life she did, so many years ago – more years than the twenty-plus she was when we first met.

And here she is – still.

I write about her in the past tense because the girl who shared my life then, is a little different from the self-assured woman who shares my life now.

This new woman, always on the verge of some transformation, enriches my life in ways unimaginable (she fills my heart, she fills my soul, with so much love…).

This woman is always near – in presence or in thought. I carry her with me constantly. And she improves my station in this life simply by being who she is today and who she is on her way to becoming.

So today, As the doorway to fifty summers is slowly inching its way toward opening, this beautiful creature is emerging through the opening with life in one hand and a mission for happiness in the other.

And with these full hands, she also comes with open heart sharing her love with me – for me.

So where do I begin to tell the story of how great one love can be?

I can summarize it all in one simple word…




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