Day 216: The Haiku Of A Sunday In August


Out-of-towners here
Family fun eating lots
Visit pauses grief

Dukan diet break
Tapas, wine, apples and cheese
Fun times trump weight loss

Holistic Healing
Mom has ah-choo bug
Sneezing headache discomfort
Rest will heal she says

Seven stitches still
Hand mobility is back
Scar roadmap of life

Last night’s happening
A makeshift party of sorts
Little people there

Goddaughter birthday
Twenty four years of living
When did I get old?

Cuban, That’s All
Told my story true
Holding court with youth in tow
Teach to nourish soul

Georgia On My Mind
Meanwhile at Brady’s
Boxes and a life unpacked
Did Alice move too?

Sunday morning still
Plans of brunch to unwrap still
Torn ”tween bird, swine – still


One thought on “Day 216: The Haiku Of A Sunday In August

  1. Juan, you are too much. I wanted to post this to FB, but now I can’t because of the munchkinland comment. Esa lengua!

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