Day 228: Divine Revelation Of The Yaya Sister in Our Hood


First daughter reconnects with second daughter after twenty-year gap

Expectations are set for keeping things in the now

Past reasons seem like lame excuses for holding back

What clearly needs to move forward

It is a divine revelation of sorts

Absent of secrets and past misgivings

The vantage point of almost fifty brings

Clarity not found at five, ten, fifteen or twenty

While women from same seed

Mature into the waking selves they are today

Focus on relation

Should be secondary to camaraderie

Blood ties have ways of talking to each other

Without question, pause or restraint

Inherent conversations abound in the silence of connection

Genuine bonds exist primarily where they haven’t

Occupying their rightful place in the tree of family

Not watered by the drought of the unknown

As branches find new reasons to grow and stand tall

The whys matter not anymore

The hows and whos matter less

The when is tomorrow

The when is a now moment – no more a then

Nervous anticipation is in our air and on my page

As the organic meeting evolves

Awkward silences as well as abundant discourse surely may exist

In the intention to share a life in the span of hours

So we focus on the moments of the encounter

Building on one from the next

Taking cues from the petals that unfold

In the blossoming of what might turn out to be

A bouquet of new affection

A sister for these ages

A sister in Yaya’s hood



2 thoughts on “Day 228: Divine Revelation Of The Yaya Sister in Our Hood

  1. I am very happy to hear that she will reunite with her sister. I would not have been able to overcome lots of my trials and move forward without you in my life and no matter how much we disagree or not I love you more than I love myself because you are and always will be Gerardito to me.

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