Day 240: Songs In The Key Of Life – Again


I could always unlock them
When I needed sanctuary
I have always seen them
The notes in my head
Not like post-its
Rather like musical ones
The Do-Re-Mi kind
The ones that make songs
It’s always been a wonder to me
Why I had the ability to hear symphonic like sound
In the silence of my most difficult moments
How I could replicate a tune
As my hands crossed over piano keys
How I could build the appropriate chords
Augmenting the melody with its sister harmony
How guitar strings actually made sense
To my callused fingers pressuring the frets
Responding to my strumming with the sweet sound of song
My ear could easily identify pitch
Knowing when and where to come in with my voice
Understanding which bar was intro
Which bar required lyric
Which bar was a bridge to final chorus
Which bar claimed the brilliant combination of vocal prowess
With just the right amount of emotion
To deliver the verse
To deliver the hymn
To hear the music that would allow me to see those notes
The ones living in my head
The owners of my personal music
The songs in the key of my life

For as they say, God gives us music that we might pray without words and sometimes there is no better time to pray than now.


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