Day 241: Reflections Of The Aged


I’m tired this morning.

It’s been a long road to Thursday as we gear up for the long weekend and the celebration of Labor Day.

They say that you are only as old or as young as you feel. Today, I feel old.

My bones are making noise as I move around, mobility is difficult because my back is sore and I woke up with a headache. Viejo. Decrepit. Cranky. Tired. Old.

But I need to keep moving, as this temporary aged behavior is simply not allowable in my reality. I need to embrace youth, energy and vitality. Those noisy bones need to find their silence, my aching back needs to adjust itself and the pain in my head needs to find relief.

Today holds much activity for me beyond my daily job responsibilities, much energy will be required for my roles as husband, son, uncle, brother and friend and the daily, mundane challenges of life request that I be present. I need to be accounted for and I need to perform.

There is no time to age today and there is certainly no time to engage in the ‘pobrecito yo (poor me)’ syndrome that drains me of even more energy.

So onward and upward and forward I go.

With a gallon of coffee to propel me toward today’s charted and uncharted waters, I will navigate through my day, expertly addressing each hurdle as it comes my way.

I will handle what I can, defer what I can’t and delegate what needs to be handled or can be accomplished through others.

I cannot give in to this malaise of the spirit simply because I have not had enough sleep or because I have not engaged in my dose of required exercise.

With my big boy pants on, I tighten my belt, take a deep breath and open the door to today.

I may feel old, I may feel pained, I may feel tired and I may be wallowing in a temporary bout of safe pity…

But I’m here to do my share, I’m here to earn my keep and I’m here to recapture the youth that evidently appears to escape me in my soul mirror’s reflection today.


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