Day 255: The Mercy Of Rocks and Not So Hard Places


The little girl of yesterday
Will soon be a bride
She had the face of an angel
It could break your heart with just one look
(And it did)
I so wanted her to like me
But I couldn’t win her over
Neither her sister
Mom was stuck at the cusp of decision
Literally between a Rock and a very hard place
Go, go, go we said
So the coop was to be flown
With girls in hand and suitcases full of clothes
Hearts full of hope
God shed his mercy on ours
And led her to find the peace of home
Never quite found in the piece of home
She left behind
Fast forward and the years
Led angel face toward many different roads
Embarking on adventures foreign and abroad
Beauty of soul emanating from her pores
Lighting the way for all she touched
Finding her core and her center
Finding him
Finding each other
Finding home
Between Rocks
And what turned out to be a not so hard place
Mercy indeed!


One thought on “Day 255: The Mercy Of Rocks and Not So Hard Places

  1. Juan – you made me cry, Yes, I am the rock that stole the girls from Miami and took them away to try and make a better world for them, knowing from experience what we could do “up north”. Well I think it worked, it wasn’t easy, it wasn’t perfect, but i think it worked. We have two beautiful girls who haver turned into beautiful young women, one a terrific mom and one a bride to be. I thank you both for being a part of our lives and for all your support and encouragement all the years we have know each other. I gotta go where are the tissues……….

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