Day 275: The Capacity Mark


Time follows the beating drum
Of the perpetual calendar
Marching down a one way path
With each fateful step toward a future tomorrow
Reminding me that on a day
Not unlike today
I was born…
In the one-hundred and ninety-two seasons
I have breathed life
How much wisdom has been amassed
In the destiny journal documenting my days
As lives have touched my own
How many souls have made the connection with mine and remained
Fixtures in my social circle
Their permanency seconded only by their importance
In the pantry of my affection
Where is the capacity mark on a life that delineates
That a man’s existence has exceeded full
Reaching generous rations of fulfillment
Scaling heights of happiness
Despite the spurts of reality that stress the chords of our days
If at the end of any given day of life
One can count the blessings provisioned his way
Finding an abundance of good fortune in the wake
Of daily mundane and routine events
Then this is the definition of a grand and bountiful life
One to be cherished
One to be nurtured
And on this the day of my birth
One to be celebrated


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