Day 296: Profile In Courage

Ashamed to say you gave me peace
When it is I who should have comforted you
You sat there with a weary smile
Taking part in the conversation around you
Lending support and bravery
Masking your pain
Teaching us all a lesson in humility

Vastly impressed to see this side of you
Foreign to me for so long
(More shame – how could I not know you,
When I’ve known you all of my life?)
As you climb the stage to face your uphill battle
You exude the confidence of the steadfast soldier
Masking your pain
A profile in courage so near to me

And we the warriors of your bloodline
Will stand united
Carrying the flag of our family crest into your field of battle
Sheltering you from the spoils of this inner war
So you can focus on the path to healing
Love being the shield that will light your path
Masking your pain
Who knew you’d be the leader of the pack?

And alongside family are the many beacons of light
Bathed in the shroud of friendship
Once strangers whose connections are deeply cemented now
Into the tapestry that is your life
They have joined this ride to bequeath you
Additional needed strength and peace
How lucky is the man who has true friends?
He masks his pain
To show them their presence has provided relief

And so we learn
From the teacher who ails
As courage faces challenge
You lead the path toward grace,
God’s and your own.


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