Day 297: The Color of Blue


I looked out the window and I saw Blue.

‘What are you doing here?’ I asked.

‘I will tell you…’ he replied.  He began speaking in the third person:

‘Blue is a state of mind where the hue of the sky can present the purity of clouds blended with the softness of the sun’s reflecting rays.’

‘Blue is the deep ocean, signifying the expanse of distance and time, segregating the bodies of land divided by water, to portray the vastness of our earth from space.’

‘Blue is a mood, an ambivalent cross between happy and sad, where the scales of balance steer more toward the melancholy.’

‘Blue is a ray of hope, reminding us of comic-book-bred super heroes whose presence elicits truth, justice and the American way.’

‘Blue is the cross between other shades on the spectrum of light, drawing green from trees to make teal or red from hearts to make purple.’

‘Blue is the crayon of choice for little boys who want to draw outside the lines of the coloring book.’

‘Blue is the promise of a pending season change, the nip in the air that tells us that snow is in our midst and that winter is forthcoming.’

‘Blue is the essence of a hope most challenged by circumstance and condition, while still finding the basic essence of promise in the silhouette of the blossom of faith.’

‘Blue is anger at the injustices of daily mundane life disrupted by unwelcomed change.’

‘Blue is sweet innocence, found in the smile of an unsuspecting child whose unwavering spirit, resolve and disposition has not been tainted by the experiences gained in adulthood.’

‘Blue is seen in the red of fire, subjecting its pacifist nature to moments of intensity and brilliance.’

‘Blue at its most real is not defined as a color.’

‘Blue is…you.’

I looked out the window and I saw my reflection in the glass.

I looked out the window and I saw Blue.


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