Day 302: The Detour


I opened the cupboard of my destiny
My world rocked by one moment
Where the light of truth
Invoked the shadow of a dare
As reality challenged faith to a duel
Everyone concerned about the geography of the malady
My focus on the location of vitality and resurgence
Plotting their course through my person
How many pins can I put on the map of me
Each representing a visit to the city of courage
In my united state of focus
Who knew that a perilous impaired road
Could steer me clear into a familiar direction
‘Fear not’ I’ve heard time and time again
The homily of repetition drilling itself
Into the spirit of my soul
A cleansed vessel that knows the way
Holding this flawed human being
In a place just left of health
I will find the detour
To my given divine right
As I do my part and then some
He helps those who help themselves
All these lessons I’ve brought with me
Since childhood to adulthood to now
Always had meaning
But now have reason
As I drink from the chalice of hope
Charting the course of my life
On the map of recovery
Stored in the cupboard of my destiny


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