Day 308: The Easy Target


It is so easy to get angry at life, especially when life throws you the seeds of unexpected challenges to grow in your garden.

Get mad, pout and worry but don’t take it out on those you love, which is what we usually tend to do first.

They are our easy targets; the givens who will suffer the slings and arrows of our outrageous fortunes and come back for more.

We know we can rely on them to sub as emotional punching bags because we have served as squeeze, stress balls for them as well.

This is what we do to blow off steam, to find comfort and to move beyond the point of despair. It is part of the ugly rule of relationships, but it is also part of the comforts of human connections.

Those who love us more have a bigger bucket of tolerance when it comes to hoarding our emotional baggage.

Whether these relationships be romantic, parental, sibling or friendly in nature, we use these as our points of release.

But today I encourage you to not take the easy route. Today I challenge you to find comfort in another without lashing out, without pulling the ‘you-love-me-you-can-take-it’ card. Today, I urge you to face adversity and take it for what it is: a temporary setback.

I urge you to do this because I am going to try and do the same, although it would be much easier to yell at Yvonne and get it over with…


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