Day 311: The Essence of Hope


I’ve been sad lately in an internal let me hide my angst behind my smile sort of way.

Hence the reason why I sent her the invitation.

Let me explain.

I asked Hope to sit down with me so we could have a talk and a little bite to eat.

Being good friends and all, I knew this was going to be a pleasant conversation because our dealings in the past have always resulted in productive encounters.

Recently however, her presence has been elusive and getting her to commit to a sit down has been difficult.

It’s hard to have a relationship with her, one-on-one, for she does better in a crowd.

It is impossible to lose sight of her when many are clamoring for her presence. She responds well to the call of the masses and her message is infectious when delivered in the company of Faith.

They are like sisters, except one is more attune to the ways of fate and the other to the will of God.

But Hope always makes her way into my life, even when I’ve kicked Faith to the curb because God and I are having one of our tiffs.

So Hope sat down with me today and reminded me that everything in life is fleeting, both the good and the bad and everything in between.

She went on to further say that the things we must cherish cannot be contained in a building structure, in a bank account or in a desk at work. All that is important is contained in the chambers of our heart and in the eyes of those we love.

With a fierce look in her eyes, grabbing a bite from the cake of helplessness we had been sharing, she said, ‘The rest is immaterial – don’t hold on to fear, don’t invite despair and I will always sit at your table.’

She then grabbed my hand and said, ‘Tell me what else is going on with you and yours, how can I help?’

I replied, ‘You already did.’

And while lunch was over and she took off to where she was needed next, her essence is still with me.


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