Day 316: Through The Noise And Through The Quiet


Friendship starts quietly.

It’s a seed, easily planted and easily grown, watered by the passage of time.

Two people make the choice to carve hours from their schedules to partake of each other’s company. As children, this happens in the playground; In the workplace, it may happen in the few minutes before the start of a meeting; As adults, relationships blossom over a stint at a bar with sometimes too many cocktails.

But friendship is a nurtured fruit that emanates from a mutual meeting of minds and an exchange of discourse, eventually resulting in a solidified connection between two people.

Best friends have endured the critical moments of the relationship, experienced the meltdowns we all carry in our briefcases of crazy and continually come back for more after seeing each other in the black light of truth.

The BFF terminology has evolved into words like Famship or Framily, depicting the complex, non-biological union of two people who have made the choice to hang from open branches of each other’s family trees.

But it all begins with time: the giving, the sharing, the taking and the investment of collective hours become the foundation for the strength of a bond that will face its share of challenges through longevity.

And when the day comes where adversity affects one, it affects the other.

And when happy visits one, it visits the other as well.

And when the day comes where one is ailing, the other ails too.

It is a beautiful portrait, etched by the value of choice and the desire to take an active role in another’s life. It is not bound by a contract like a birth or marriage certificate, it is an understood agreement: ‘I want to be here and I will fight the fires that start in your life and you will do the same for me.’

And though friendship starts quietly, it is the type of steadfast relationship that will remind you that you are alive, that you are not alone, that you are well loved and that the loud sound you hear in the background of your life is nothing but the beating of your two connected hearts: two hearts who found rescue through the noise and through the quiet.


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