Day 317: The Open Door


The art of giving up control is simple.

Just give it up. Relinquish the hold you have on the situation and share the wealth of toil associated with today’s weather.

I laugh as I write this because in the realm of control hoarders there is no one more guilty of this behavior than this humble writer.

But control, depending on the situation, sometimes merits release.

Sometimes it is perfectly acceptable to fight the help, to not accept the assistance and to try to do it all ourselves.

There is one exception to this rule however: we cannot let our need for control overtake our need for, well, control.

Every difficult situation has its share of stress, challenge and disruption to routine. Keeping the order of normalcy under the clouds of profound change is often times impossible. Something has to give. In order to maintain control, we need to rethink our definition of it. Working with others to achieve our common goal is the only solution when straights are dire and the act of decision is coming at us from all directions.

Delegation allows us to help the situation move forward and we must trust that while things may not be done to our standards of perfection, they will be completed, relieving us of one less worry.

In trying to hold on to the firmament that is our perceived perfection, we will impede progress and miss the moment in our midst, something we may regret later when the clarity of reality colors our world.

The key is to live the moment and enjoy the hiccup as it comes, facing obstacles head on, holding the helping hands of family and allowing the storm to pass as we take shelter in the many umbrellas pointed toward our sky.

Control, in the face of adversity, may never find its way back home, but by opening that home to a host of unsolicited help, we certainly leave the door open for its return.


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