Day 322: No Permit Required


I don’t give space well.

I’ve never quite understood the whole ‘leave me alone with my thoughts’ concept.

I am one of these ‘in-your-face-type-A-let-me-railroad-you’ type of people.

And because I usually come from a place of love and I can be charming as I attempt to force someone to perform my bidding or see my point of view, I can usually get away with it.

But not always.

Sometimes I meet opposition and confrontation, two brothers who have never gotten along with me because I find their idea of ‘pushy’ less attractive than my version of ‘persuasion.’

I can decoupage the worst of situations in the best cow manure hue available; I can then couple it with my aforementioned charm and I tend to (usually) move a situation forward. However, once an unreasonable request is made of my person, I too can visit the land of ‘the standstill’ and that’s when things can get ugly.

Because I also don’t do duels well.

I would not have survived in the Wild Wild West because I would have drawn my gun before reaching my mark, all in an effort to move the situation along. My overzealous behavior would not be an act of cowardice, rather it would be a display of efficiency. I’m right, you’re wrong – why continue to waste time? Bang!

It’s all about getting my point across and in a seemingly virtuous act of selfishness, I break through the door to get my way. I am the broker of the deal and the end result I seek is for someone to see what is evidently clear to me: I have the solution, I have your solution, let me tell you what you need to do.

This is who I am. I push and I push hard. I don’t ask for permission and I tend to seek much forgiveness as I drive the locomotive of imposed decision upon my target.

As respects my person, these behaviors are the building blocks of what could be perceived as a major flaw. Luckily, in the human building code within the zone of persuasion, no permit is required.


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