Day 333: The Day After


Still thankful. Not my best Thanksgiving, but thankful nonetheless.

I don’t think I want to eat another morsel of food though. At least, not until later.

I am very sad I missed my cousin Barbara’s side accouterments of Ropa Vieja and Frijoles Negros. Definitely, there will be Cuban food at my table today because I’ve been enough of a Pilgrim for the past two days and I don’t wear the hat well.

Thanksgiving, while hampered by itinerary changes, was good. We laughed, we cried, it was better than Cats.

I made one horrible mistake though.

I took my niece Hilary out last night for an after-Thanksgiving-pre-Black-Friday shopping extravaganza and I was almost trampled over by a twelve-year-old Asian girl who wanted the same kind of Ugg looking boots Hilary was considering buying. I must make a note to self to never embark on this craziness again. Apparently there is a global shortage of TVs because everyone was buying one.

Then, after coming back from the stores, I arrived home to find my sister (who on Thanksgiving Day 2013 did not meet a thought she did not share, talking endlessly since her arrival at 2:00 pm) having another plate of leftovers and yet another piece (she had four pieces in total) of what she swore was a fresh peach pie (it was apple and it was not fresh).

Toward the end of the evening, my sister also graced us with a song, clearly inspired by all the food she had consumed, orchestrating her nether posterior region to deliver crescendos of flatulence.

At this point, with the trumpets of Goodbye blowing their tune, I knew that Thanksgiving 2013 had come to a close.

Yes, I was grateful. Yes, I was glad that we had gathered. Yes, I recognized that something was ‘off’ from this Turkey Day 2013 and it wasn’t just my sister’s digestive system.

So, I went to bed.

Yvonne and I tucked ourselves in, said our good nights, gave thanks for the day and went to sleep.

Our slumber was met with the hopes of a better day after.


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