Day 354: Coffee Talking About The Unpleasant Things


I’m verklempt.

Talk amongst yourselves.

I’ll give you a topic…

I’m looking at my intestines.

Yvonne is doing the same thing.


For Christmas, along with matching iPad Airs, Yvonne and I have scheduled companion Colonoscopies.

And while one present is symbolized by an Apple, the other can easily have a number of not too pretty pictures to signify its importance.

As I use humor to deal with all of the serious things in my life, I asked the Doctor why he chose to go into this line of medicine and his response, without missing a beat, ‘There were a lot of openings…’

That was all I needed to hear.

If somebody is going to, literally, inspect my nether regions with accouterments that resemble garden tools, I want him to have a sense of humor.

My Doctor does own the laugh track needed to take me on this journey.

So after the New Year, Yvonne and I will embark on the uncomfortable and ugly road of inspection, hoping to find a pretty colon in the process.

Pretty colons perpetuate life and keep us healthy.

Talking about poop, bowel movements and other associated items does not make for pleasant conversations. However, if this talk is going to save my life or yours, then be prepared for our conversations to take a turn toward waste.

It could save our lives.

And then we will talk about prostates, osteoporosis, arthritis and diabetes as the years accumulate and we nurture our relationships. Coffee talk will take a new turn and that turn will be toward health.

It’s all good.

The key is to keep talking about the unpleasant things, especially with our Doctors.

After all, they saw an opening and went for it.

I’m still verklempt.


One thought on “Day 354: Coffee Talking About The Unpleasant Things

  1. There is nothing to this procedure. Take it from me, who has had three brain surgeries, one facial nerve surgery, two eye surgeries, one fibula surgery, two c-sections and a carpal tunnel surgery.

    The whole idea is to prep well the day before. I talked to the Doctor the entire time through my first one, and watched it on the screen. The happy juice they give you is awesome, allows you to converse and watch the magic happen right in front of your eyes.

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