Day 2: Still Sulking For The Way We Were


It usually takes me several posts to cleanse myself of my new year blue period, so I ask that you be patient with my posts and their somewhat recurring theme.

2014 is no longer new (sigh).

It has enjoyed its first twenty-four hour period (and then some) and the world is slowly returning to its normal routine.

Christmas Trees, bags of presents and festive candles have or will soon be put away, our homes taking on their non-holiday facades.

Commercial jingles are focusing on returns instead of sales, allowing us to answer the question do we really need a Vitamix?

Diet ads are permeating television, internet and radio airwaves, making us all feel a little chubbier than before.

January, while bringing with it a fresh start, always reminds us that all returns to normalcy as the calendar begins to embrace the days of winter and the countdown to this year’s holidays begins.

Ready or not here we go (sigh).

As much as we would love to hold on to these past few weeks where we jumped from one celebration to another, life is moving forward. With it, so are we.

We cannot continue the way we were, our focus needs to move from reindeers to bunnys, from mistletoe to hearts and from midweek celebrations to weekend parties – the holidays are over.

Let’s have our one collective cry, dust ourselves off and begin listening to the soundtrack of our lives with more playing of acoustic guitars and less jingle bells.

2014 is no longer new; in fact, it is now old news.

After reading this post, for better or worse, it appears I’m still the old me too.




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