Day 3: The Shining Moment


Binds us to the house
Or to wherever we happen to be
Sounds a little kinky
A little scary
Bit we all need snow days once in a while
If only to catch our breath
If only to recover from the daze
Of too many festive times
The shining days
Sparkling with joy
Trapped at home we realize
Our houses require cleaning
As dust has gathered in spots normally not covered by trees
We find stray glass from ornaments that fell in the middle of the night
Or were knocked off the bush by our dog
The winter chill making our eyesight more clear
Allowing us to focus on the enormity of the task at hand
Snowbound in an artificial winter wonderland
Hot Cocoa, marshmallows and whip cream don’t adorn our kitchen
We have Chocolate Caliente, Pan con Mantequilla and a caldero full of yummydom to get us through the storm
Still we are snowbound
Trapped by weather
Whether we like it or not
Snowbound in my mind
As seventy degree temperatures plan to warm my Florida day
But I turn my eyes to the north
And I whisper a prayer up to the heavens
Give us just a few flakes
Show us some of the white blanket covering their streets
Give us a chance
For once
To be snowbound
Give us the shining moment


One thought on “Day 3: The Shining Moment

  1. Remind me to put that request in for you the next time a storm comes up this way. Snowbound is not the word for this, it is absolutely imprisoning. Ask someone holed up in a hotel in Detroit without luggage!!!!!!

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