Day 9: His One True Thing

one-true-thing-movie-poster-1998-1020220312It came upon us silently
Creeping its way into his life mostly
Affecting us indirectly
Carving certain truths upon our walls of destiny
Each facing the reality as we are internally wired to do
Human nature
It is a funny thing
Less LOL and more curious
Conspirators blame
Victims internalize
Realists rely on science
The faithful look to God
Writers, well, we write
Meanwhile the sick endure
Pestilence moving into the neighborhood of otherwise healthy
Life continues
It is the one true thing
Yet the initial shock of resident illness
Removes focus on all that is normal
Adjusting routine to zero in on the coordinates of tragedy
Again, human nature propels us there
We prepare for the worst
Hope for the best
Survival instincts kick in
Life continues
It is the one true thing
Vigil days turn to vigil weeks welcoming vigil months
The costumes of Halloween get put away
The leftovers of Thanksgiving are gone
The Christmas lights are now dimmed
A new year is upon us and the stillness of the infirm
Is still very much a part of our routine
But has lost its immediate urgency
What was once shocking
Has now become a process
Delineating the good days from the bad
Focusing on treatments and on the simpler requirements of life
Mortgage payments, bills and financial worries
Bring distraction as normalcy enters the equation once again
Funnier still is finding solace as Fall becomes Winter
Human nature at its best
We rise to the occasion
Facing obstacles head on
Pacifying the days of worry
Accepting the chronicity of Cancer 101
Giving it the limited power it consumes
Let not the acceptance of circumstance
Be ever remotely confused as an admission of defeat
For the days of reckoning are vividly here
The war against illness rages on
For us all
For him mostly
The weight of his world is on his shoulders
But standing tall on wobbly legs is just that
Standing tall
It is the one true thing
It is his one true thing
And every day
Through the prayer of the faithful
We make it His one true thing


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