Day 20: An Imitation Of Life

When the muse strikes
The virtual stealing of a picture
Appears to be a necessary sin
Mothers and daughters
Captured in the stillness of time
It is too much a perfect moment
An imitation of life
Digital image encompassing
The sentiment of the instant
A family tree illustrated
By the branches of two generations
In twin hidden, parallel smiles
The hue of the shadows
Capturing the impenetrable
Overwhelming bond
Borne of blood, destiny and womanhood
Somewhere a father and husband
Holds a melting heart
For the one who is
And the one who will be
Bookends to the pages of his bound story
An imitation of life
So cleverly crafted and captured
By the lens of the camera
Emotion can be seen
In the absence of the flash of light
Leaving the image as it transfers
To our eyes
Our vision trained to see love
In the presence of warmth
Protection and grace personified
Irrevocably genuine
An imitation of life…

in a mother and daughter’s real embrace




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