Day 22: The Color Of Money


I asked my Mother-In-Law for money today.

It is going to be difficult to collect from her, seeing as she is dead, but I spoke to her makeshift urn that sits in my house and said, ‘Make it Happen’ as I placed tonight’s winning Lotto ticket next to her place of rest.

I am summoning the dead to help with my desire for instant financial independence.

Today, after another miserable day fighting what appears to be an endless winter’s cold, I decided I was going to win the lotto, letting the color of money adorn the pathways of my life.

I’m due for a little rest and relaxation, so winning the lotto tonight will allow me to put the responsibility of work on the back burner permanently as I proceed to plan a myriad of outings and vacations to allow me to return to my pre-sniffle health.

Yvonne is due as well, as I reminded her mother today – ‘Don’t do it for me, do it for your kid.’ I said with my mind voice as I rubbed the urn, potentially freaking out at the thought of smoke pouring out and the appearance of Yvonne’s Mom in genie garb appearing before me. After all, I was alone in the house and I was making an effort to communicate with the departed.

My concern was for naught because there was no smoke, genie or ghost who answered me back. Instead, I picture my MIL floating toward the Lotto angels and cajoling them to make my winning numbers materialize.

I don’t know what influence she may have amassed with the angels of fancy in the almost fifteen years since she’s been gone, but certainly someone like her, who possessed a superior charm and wit while living, would enjoy a certain popularity amongst the celestials.

I hope tonight she makes that popularity work.

Not for me, but for her kid.

Yvonne can have all the money, I will simply basque in the glow of its green hue.


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