Day 30: The Running Man


I’m always going somewhere
Off to meet someone
Ready to do something
Ticking things off on the schedule
That manages my time better than I do
I am The Running Man
I am the heart and soul of everything I aspire to be
In this tattered shell of a body I’ve polluted with the excesses of life
Yet I shine in my brightest moments
Finding a place to fit in amongst the damaged such as myself
This Running Man
Always moving forward following the rules imposed by life
The Gypsy gene resident in my talent but not in my desire to struggle
A pragmatic Running Man conditioned to read the directions even if he doesn’t follow them
How does someone so straight and narrow wind up with a curved path
Just left off center north of confused
In a place so resolutely grounded he can be deemed boring
The Running Man is a complex being whose analysis of life has paralyzed his own success
He should learn to pass the open windows instead of considering the leap
A jump he would never make yet always considers
The Running Man is a curious cat
Singing the tune of conformity while belting the note of protest in a combined meow resembling a bark
The Running Man is a dichotomy of sorts
Equal parallel lines never touching yet meeting at some eternal point where connection is spiritual
The Running Man might be me if I ever figure it out
If I ever stare at my reflection long enough to see me running away
I might catch a glimpse of me
Until then I continue to pursue the me who eludes me
The Running Man


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