Day 45: Love Actually


For you

Hearts and Chocolate
Symbols of the American staple
In the Hallmark friendly definition of amor
A day on the calendar
To celebrate the bond of romantic connection
Between two souls
Evidencing that the shortest distance between two points
Is intimacy
A geometrical theorem that is easily proven
By the exponential quality
Of sentiment
For to love and be loved
Is by far the single greatest accomplishment
We can add to the splendor of our lives
As we engrave our mark on someone else’s
Memory banks to pull the heartstrings
That play the balanced accompaniment to our parallel melody
Notes of detail coexisting on the scales of harmony
The essence of one becomes the necessity of the other
As each bears witness to their mutual presence
On this earth
Documenting the experience of partnership between two
A pronouncement to the world saying
We are those who have chosen to be seen as one
We share the simplest of unions
For we have the strongest of ties
It is all based on one thing and one thing only
It is all enveloped in the most real and tangible of emotions
It is the oldest of stories
It is that which is most true
It is love, actually
And I am fortunate to know it well
And even more fortunate to know it…

With you.


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