Day 47: Hope Floats For The Castaway


I saw a picture on Facebook and my mind went here

With a smile perched on the bottom of his face
(Thank you God)
He walks the shallow water toward the tiny boat
That seemed to have gone away once attached to the bigger vessel
The fear he experienced is now but a distant memory
Last night the sharks were swimming in full view
As he held on to the beam that had somehow floated to the surface
Remnants of the sinking nineteen-footer
A reminder of the other two who had been with him
On the sunny afternoon where they set out for the excursion
A trip of joviality that somehow ended in tragedy
Now shadowed with the regret of what could gave been prevented
And what could have been avoided
He never imagined it would all turn out in this fashion
Topsy-turvy on so many levels
Should they have lit the peace pipe that clouded the view and their senses
What reflexes would have responded to the moment of emergency
At that given time when they noticed the water entering the floor of the tiny deck
Did those swimming lessons as a child pay off in his effort to save himself
Still, what about the others
(Mayday, mayday oft said wasted words into a dead radio)
Did they make their way back too or was he the only one
What words would he form to speak to the mothers of children who left the shore as men and now counted amongst the missing
(They could have made it back too – I hope)
How could friends that are turn into friends that were
(so quickly – the silence and darkness of the sea)
Brotherhood is supposed to be eternal and transcend the brevity of this life
But today it seemed as if life had betrayed his brethren and saved the last bit of salvation just for him
Amid a broken interior and a soul drenched in the silent cries and tears of one brief night of conflicted temerity
He made it to land and shallow waters
So he smiled for his good fortune
Knowing that soon, in a not too distant moment, he would cry the wails of condolence to soothe his loss
But now, he smiles
He smiles for life
He smile for thanks
He smiles knowing he can cast away the fear of facing an early demise
He can relish in the selfish moment of survival
While he will mourn the lost later
Shallow waters and all
He sees land, a vessel of salvation and the return of hope
A hope that floats just as brilliantly as his passage on to the land that eluded him just hours ago…




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