Day 53: Frozen


They grow up.

Like it or not, as much as we would like to stop time, they will forge ahead into the world of free thought, self-expression and their perpetual questioning of our judgement.

They will look at us and think that every idea and every articulation of thought shared, is far and away the stupidest combination of words they have ever heard.

Our opinions are far from chic, our taste (or lack thereof) in fashion is appalling and we don’t understand the concept of self-expression through clothing. What we view as potential nudity or overt disrespect is nothing but artistic expression using their body as a canvas.

We are old-fashioned, square-thinking and unrealistic in our expectation that they should be able to articulate a thought using a cohesive sentence. We want them to speak to us and give us reasons for their actions with a word other than because.

We want them to see this world and all of its promise at an age where all they can see is themselves. We crave for those smiley faces who lit up instantly upon our arrival, we yearn for the influence we had and we want to place bumpers on all corners where they might encounter mishap.

We are, for them, at this juncture, the opponent on opposite sides of the ring. And so we watch, plead, pray, argue, cry, yell, scream, try to reason and throw our arms in the air in an exasperating gesture of defeat when all of our actions are met with the cold stare of ice so easily conjured in the face of this child.

We stand frozen. We are stuck at this impasse of reasoning and we wonder when it will all end. We know it does because we were there once, but now equipped with our adult worldview, we seem to have forgotten.

We delivered the ice glares too.

We were the unreasonable ones in a distant once upon a time.

Our makers stood in the same position we now occupy in the world of perplexed and inexplicable behaviors.

We too were teenagers.

And like us today and our parents before us, these heathens of society we commend to a Higher power, will one day look upon their own children and take the stance we’ve all experienced and learned through time.

They too will stand, simply confused, simply frustrated and simply…


And we, will laugh.


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