Day 58: Singin’ In The Rain


I’ve had water streamin’ down my face before
Product of angry clouds beating down the earth
Home to my flawed humanity
Only place where I can stand
Even if it’s just mud beneath my feet
I’m upright
Singin’ in the rain

I’ve looked through darkness from an absent sun
Finding light in the trace of a shadow
Beams of truth expose my soul
Bared for all my glory to stand
Above the earth beneath my feet
I’m upright
Singin’ in the rain

Who would have told me I’d find music in the clapping of this thunder
How does rambling noise become the soundtrack of a heart
Tunes of inspiration can be born of desperation
When the impossibility of quiet divides the silence of a life
Unspoken words in the beholden messages of pride
Rhythmically find their tempo and their voice
The choice is clear to belt through the challenge
Crying against the tides of change

Personal waters streamin’ down my face
Notes of deception creating the melody
Exercising passive restraint
A voice that stands
Finding its ground above the beat
Encouraging my stance
I’m upright
Still singin’
Singin’ in the rain


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