Day 60: The Perks Of Being A Wallflower


Sitting on the bench is at times the best we can do
Staying out of the game is more helpful
Getting in the way is obtrusive and unwelcome
People need time to go through their motions sans e
Attend to the tasks at hand
Fulfill the societal requirements
Not allowing themselves to feel
The magnitude and reality of the situation
Someone has to take charge
Steer the ship and keep it on course
Keep the crew focused on the destination
While the storm continues to rage
There will be time to map out alternate routes later
There will be time to let the importance of the moment have its moment
But for now, some of us direct and plan
Some of us wait for direction
Some of us don’t do anything at all, while we plant our bodies firmly against the wall
We are the flowers that adorn the sidelines
An inconspicuous garden that plays the waiting game
Until we are ready to be picked
Our time to contribute will arrive once the initial rain has passed
For inevitably and fortunately winter will run into spring again
And it is there that flowers of the wall will bloom in all of their intensity
Ready to bring their fragrant aromas of comfort
Ready to share their many colors of peace
Ready to present themselves as an arrangement reminiscent of the cohesive artistry
And the perks that this life (and the next) will always have to offer
Until then
We wait on the wall


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