Day 64: Through The Rabbit Hole

For those who only got half of the message this morning. Thanks for letting me know. Apologize if you are getting this twice.

Juan Day At A Time


We drop through and find ourselves in this peculiar dining room.

There it is on the table, in plentiful amounts suitable for sharing amongst many.

It is served quickly and cold, little attention being paid to presentation or entrance.

It is a dish that rather than nourish, drains of energy, perpetuates sadness and impairs the ability to move forward.

Grief is not palatable.

Grief bypasses the welcome mat of life and enters without invitation, not wiping its feet as it litters the soul, polluting our state of happy.

Grief, unfortunately, is inevitable.

The price we pay for loving, plain and simple, is loss.

Longing for that which will no longer be, missing our departed ones and yearning for what was once ours, is born from the permanent detachment from that which we love unconditionally.

The givens in our lives, once removed, cause this overwhelming feeling of nostalgic sadness from…

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