Day 71: Some Kind Of Wonderful


Break free.
Push for positivity.
Seek light where dark dominates.
Embrace the good moments.
Erase energy drainers from your life.
Look for the smiles.
Take in life.
Release the tension.
Learn the lesson.
Find the wonderful.

Anger, while a necessary evil when too much adrenaline, unbridled stress and pointed disappointment take over a situation, doesn’t ever lead to much, at least not to anything productive. For me, it always leads me down a road where the words I usually reserve for the page, come out of my mouth in a less than stellar performance of infantile behavior.

I’ve been looking for the silver lining in mostly everything I encounter lately. I don’t know if I’ve given up on the usual cynicism that pervades my resident, half empty point of view, but I am genuinely trying to chill, taking it easy and accepting the crappy moments of life as points of balance that help keep me grounded.

Daily, this mantra is challenged as I encounter the many posterior-cavity-influenced individuals who crowd my work life and who force me to reconsider my new route through the avenues of Inner Bliss and Quiet Happy.

Emotional detours notwithstanding, it requires so much effort to focus on the negative, holding on to past grudges, petty jealousies, insecurities, etc. – my cup runneth over with an infinite amount of things on which to place disdain, but, genuinely, why bother?

It’s easier to read a good book, watch a critically acclaimed film or write a blog post. Focusing on the passively favorable seems far more practical than looking for the spirited conflict. Dissension and confrontation are waning in popularity as the quest for well lived moments gains notoriety – mortality has a way of realigning our priorities.

Recent events, where people I love have experienced illness and loss, have prompted me to question the validity of embarking on a good fight that will not alter or improve the quality of my life. I’m taking a more simplistic view of living, worrying more about my emotional well being than trying to inflict my opinions or views on another person. In even the worst of situations there has to be something special that magically manifests itself and adds value to the moment.

These are the lessons I seek to master.

This is what I’m striving to find.

This is what I want to see more of in my life.

This is what I look for…

…some kind of wonderful.


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