Day 86: The Morning After


The morning after
How to describe the effects of a personal earthquake
And the havoc it renders on the body
Aches and pains
Accompanied by unexplained sadness
This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
Where I can feel every limited hair on my head
Standing on edge
Peering over the edge of equilibrium
Wondering if the storm is coming again
I woke up good, feeling really good
Sleeping like a baby
My tired mass surrendering like a lump of clay
To my pillow
Yesterday was a combination of not enough restful sleep
With a family style serving of self imposed stress
Couple this with my natural adrenaline
And voila the lightning erupted
Standing like Noah
Waiting for the tempest to come
I suffered the rain
I walked through the wind
My fears piling up into my ark of distress
Two by two
Magnified by the imaginary dread
That was somehow so real
But it’s over now
I’m still standing
The room as silent as it was yesterday
Except today there are no clouds in my mind
Today there are clear skies
Both in and out
Another glorious day
The morning after


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