Day 110: Places In The Heart


The calendar calls for it
The depth and breadth of contentment
Can be heard throughout the land
The faithful are rejoicing
The innocent children are hunting for rabbit wares
Families are gathered
Friends collect to celebrate
A Sunday like no other
Where the center of the joy
Means many different things to all
Togetherness needs not a reason to be
Yet we need excuses and days on the calendar
To compile the beings we love into one room
He must feel this way today
When His churches are overflowing with the usually absent
Shamed into attending services because of today’s significance
The hymns of praise will be heard
And bells will be rung
The sun is shining and the new day has begun
With the reveling of the most awesome news ever heard
Salvation is present and resurrection is possible
He has proven it by appearing before one and asking that the word be spread
What a beautiful message then and what an even greater message today
When our quest to amass material has bankrupted our emotional centers
So I pray silently to myself on this morn
Whispering words of amazing grace to the heavens
Thanking Him for all these gifts bestowed upon this soul
My life blessed in the most vivid of ways
With people, love and the essence of a falling house that is more home than most
Absent as I am from the pew from which collective prayer is uttered
I rejoice and I offer thanks to this amazing universe that guides me daily
Finding those places in the heart that speak to this sunrise’s significance
Rendering today the best of days
And not because the calendar says it is so


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