Day 130: Mother


I’m still fighting this movie title thing within my blog posts. I asked my mother what she thought about it and she looked at me with a confused grin that told me she didn’t even know what my blog was…

As I digress, I’m also concerned about the comma, the word Mother and the ownership of the day.

No, my mother is not in a coma, I am concerned about this Sunday holiday coming up.

Is it a day that belongs to all mothers?

Or, is it a day that just belongs to my mother?

I’ve seen it written as Mother’s Day (meaning: belonging to one mother, preferably my own) or Mothers’ Day (meaning: belonging to a group of mothers, preferably one where my mother is included).

I’m quite concerned so I looked on Hallmark’s website and they prefer the apostrophe ‘s’ version of Mother’s Day, with each person determining who the day belongs to and whom they should salute on the day to revere the maternal figures adorning their family tree.

My wife is not an official mother because she never had children of her own. I think Sunday belongs to her more as much as any ‘biological’ because she is one of the most nurturing and maternally-instinct borne people I know. After all, how many of us do a job, do it well and never get the title?

Does the title of Mother simply have to be bestowed on those who have physically brought or adopted children into their world or can it be shared with those who have provided shelter and caring and advice and any of the millions of things that mothers bring to the table?

Perhaps there should be a holiday to celebrate these ‘special’ non-mothers. I would buy that card at Hallmark and I know my wife would get more than one.

Tomorrow, some people will feel awkward in sending their regards because they will get hung up on whether it would be appropriate or not to say HMD to someone who never went through the official process. Fear of stirring up sad feelings might stop someone from recognizing a significant person in their lives. My advice to you is to not feel uncomfortable – tell them how special they are – use the HMD phrase, salute them and show them love.

So tomorrow, as everyone is waking up and saluting their mothers, both living and passed, I will roll over in my bed and say Happy Mothers’ (I take the multiple mama route) Day to the woman lying by my side. In my expression of good morning, I will acknowledge the many she has nurtured, the many she has helped raise and the many who look at her as something so much more than what biology and/or society’s laws define her to be in their lives.

Meanwhile, I will explain to my mother (once again!) about my blog, she will give me a confused grin and I will ponder as to whether or not she is truly in a coma as I say Happy Mothers’ (still sticking with the multiple route) Day to her.


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