Day 136: The Graduate

Commencement time
Bring on the pomp and circumstance
Celebrate the accomplishments
Outlined in the syllabus of life
As one of the major milestones we revere
Watch your kids make the trek through the auditorium, gym or hall
As they receive entrance into the reality of the next phase of their lives
Some walk the walk with big dreams in their backpacks
Others carry uncertainty in their pockets
The ability to complete the walk and respond to the calling of their name
Should be accomplishment enough
The end of this line ties itself ever so fervently to the beginning of the next
Life knots depicting destiny and passages
You will go far we silently pray
You will fulfill my unrealized dream
You will make your mark on this world
As you have made on my heart
Amid the noise and the silence of this ceremony
My mind’s eye sees a father echoing a prayer of thanks
He stands tentatively seeking his daughter in the crowd of students
Through the sea of caps and gowns
He finds her laughing that girlish laugh she only shows to her friends
He sees her poised and accomplished look as she realizes the magnitude of this moment
They exchange looks but for a brief second as his heart shoots the picture he will file away into his reserved self
Who knew that one of the most private people I know
Would be thrust into the most public of reality shows
The show where illness is the star
And all the men and women are merely supporting players
But today malady is cast to the side
Big C has no ticket to the festivities
Left out in the cold again
The father he enjoys this
And never loses sight of the gratitude befitting this moment
‘Thank you’ he utters quietly to the heavens
And he watches that little girl from yesterday
Walk toward her future as the woman she is today
Sweet Caroline indeed
The graduate and her father
One moment etched in time
In our mind’s eye


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