Day 149: A Walk To Remember

The journey and not the destination
Is what we must hold onto in the memory banks we fill
Daily deposits of experience and reality
Create the palpable happiness we seek and achieve
For we are not born to pursue suffering
Instead we search for the moments of righteousness
That define the moral fiber
Coupling with our faith
To pave the way toward the sanctity of our soul
Giving us passage through the door of the everlasting
Upon reaching the end of our road
A life defined by deeds and acts
Pries open the locks of heaven’s gates
Immediately appreciable recognizable celestial respite
Paled in comparison to the hellish sacrifice of benevolence
We must experience to one day know
The sunless sunlight of a paradise not existent on the earth of mortality
Where rather it resides in the afterlife few can define by fact
But many can attest to by belief
The challenges faced along the way
Etch scars on our feet and age the hosts to our souls
Yet the desire to move forward propels us valiantly
Toward the salvation we inevitably are born to face
Save for the darkness present in a few oddities of nature
Goodness prevails and finds shelter in most beings
For we are tethered to the pages of destiny
Compelled to complete the story through to the final sentence
Contained between the covers and the spine of the book of life
Along the way we distinguish ourselves by leaving footsteps in our wake
The marks of our temporary permanence engraved into the earth
A testament to our fleeting presence
A testament to ourselves
Proclaiming our life to be
A walk to remember



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