Day 166: Lady In Red

It is the sanguine color of life
It makes a statement before speaking
It is loud, defiant, honest and bold
It is heartfelt
Many feel it should not be present at the most solemn of occasions
I disagree
Red can attend any function
A birth
A party
A wedding
Even a funeral
As long as a lady wears the color and wears it with purpose
Red is welcomed everywhere
Red lends strength
Pays tribute
Provides courage
Red is the color of fire and first responders
Paying homage to friends of the stellar kind
Whose blood, sweat and tears have made a difference
Red allows honesty to flow forth from the pulpit of a permanent physical goodbye
Red heals by allowing the heart to feel
By tempering emotion
Wrapping the whirlwind of despair
Into one tightly contained package
That can deliver a composed and genuine message of a farewell delivered at intermission
For red is the beacon seen from heaven
From which newly minted guardian angels can oversee their charges
For the second act that follows
Red is a signature color
Red is a favorite color
Red is the color of love
And love, wherever it stands, has a universal hue
Red will always be one of the colors of the team
Led by the lady on earth
And the coach up in heaven



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