Day 187: The Importance Of Being Earnest

Truth moves and truth sells.

There is a vibrant, permanent hook in the unmasking of realities that captures an audience and holds on to their attention as genuine facts are revealed.

Fiction, while conjured from the realm of imagination, can also be bathed in the cloak of truth as long as there is conviction, direction and purpose in the sampling of the narrative.

I write what I know and when I know it. I don’t always profess to be an expert on a subject, but when I’m going to tackle it and dress it up in my limited vocabulary, I tend to use my mind’s heart to summon the words and capture the sentences, their fashion show being flashy enough to exposes the nakedness of their truth.

This is what I think makes a piece of writing interesting. I could regurgitate facts and compile lists of information, all perfectly verifiable, but that does not necessarily mean that truth has been delivered. Truth is delivered when an impenetrable connection is made between the writer and the reader, when paragraphs are deemed highlightable and memorable, when a collection of words is so clear in its message that you want to quote it to someone else. – the phrase leaping off the page and begging you to ‘repeat me’.

As a writer, those moments of truth are the aspiration for what can be sprawled across the page, the reality being that at times words sit uncomfortably with one another, lacking cohesive thought, lacking connection; in short, they contain much volume and little substance. Truth has not been achieved and in the party of words, sentences and paragraphs, a heavy thud has been heard.

So I seek truth. Even as I write this, I’d like to show you what I am longing to say and I want you to have a clear understanding of my objectives. I want you to follow these words down to the last period, I want you to read this and gaze elsewhere as you ponder the meaning or my motivation for capturing this on my blog. I want you to wonder why this was important and why it needed to be documented.

If I have done my job correctly, I have served diligently on my self-imposed sentence as a writer, I have shown you the valiant, necessary presence of truth, the inevitable force that guides my virtual pen and outlines the scope of my busy thoughts.

I have spelled truth, I have spoken truth and I have delivered truth.

I have shown you the importance of being earnest.



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